Terms and Conditions

1.1 Bookings

A 30% deposit is required when a booking is made more than 60 days prior to your arrival. All confirmed bookings receive a confirmation email via email (If the customer email address is provided). An email notification is sent when the remaining balance is due. (If the customer email address is provided). 

Any outstanding balance must be paid by the due date. If you do not comply with this, we have the right to cancel your booking and any monies paid will be lost. Any deposits taken are non-refundable. 

1.2 Bookings made less than 60 days before arrival must be paid at the time of booking. 

1.3 Payment confirmation

Once a booking is confirmed we will send an email confirmation providing receipt and proof of payment. If any details on your confirmation appear to be incorrect, contact us immediately. 

1.4 Our agreement

Once a booking is made and payment has been received this will constitute a contract. 

The person making the booking has overall responsibility of all party members and visitors. They must ensure all involved are aware and in acceptance of the agreement. The cost of your booking and what it includes

2.1 Pricing

  • Any prices advertised by other companies are reviewed by the companies themselves and Shear Barn cannot be held responsible for external price changes. 

2.2 The price includes:

  • The use of your accommodation or pitch for the maximum amount of people agreed 
  • Linen and towels for the duration of your stay (lodges and units)
  • FREE use of swimming pool (lodges and units)
  • Full use of the facilities described and included in the price (some facilities will be weather, staff or season dependant)

2.3 The price does not include:

  • FREE use of swimming pool (touring field)
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • Cots and highchairs or other children’s equipment
  • FREE access to the fishing lake; (chargeable activity)
  • Holiday insurance or your security deposit

2.4 Additional charges
We welcome a maximum of 2 dogs per booking/ unit. The charges are as follows

  • Touring/camping: £2 per dog
  • Lodge/unit stays: £25 per dog (selected units)

2.5 VAT & price guarantee

All our prices are inclusive of appropriate VAT. Shear Barn has the right to change any prices, in line with any change in the VAT or other dues or fees.

Important information before you book

3.1 Special Requirements & Disabilities
Shear Barn is accessible for guests with restricted mobility; however, it is vital we are made aware of needs or requirements prior to a booking being made. Should there be any change in circumstance after arrival, please notify us.

3.2 Medical assistance and clinical waste

Should emergency medical assistance be required during your stay, please make us aware so access can be granted. If disposal facilities for clinical waste are required, notify the team prior to arrival so this can be arranged.

3.3 Groups, organisations & institutions

We require at least one member of each booking to be over 21 years of age. This member will have overall responsibility for all members in the party. Stag/Hen dos and inappropriate fancy dress is not permitted. 

3.4 Information about you

We have the right to obtain the following information from a customer staying in each pitch or accommodation: full name, address, contact numbers, email address and vehicle registration. 

Failure to provide us with the required information may result in delayed or denied access. Any personal information collected and held will only be used in accordance with Shear Barn’s privacy policy (available on our website). 

3.5 Illness

We must be notified if a party member has or has developed an infectious or contagious medical condition. If so, we have the right to: refuse your attempt to book, cancel your holiday, ask the infected party member to refrain from using park facilities or ask the infected party member to leave the park immediately in protection of other guests.

Accommodation & pitches

All units/pitches must be respected and treated with care. We reserve the right to charge you for any additional cleaning, damage, or missing items. 

4.1 Lodges & Caravans

A security deposit of £100 will be taken upon arrival for each unit from a valid credit/ debit card. We do not accept American Express. 

If a party member is responsible for damage to a unit/ pitch the security deposit will not be refunded. We reserve the right to charge an additional £150 depending on the extent of damage caused. 

We reserve the right to enter all accommodation at any time for any reasonable purpose. The number of guests staying in each unit/pitch must not exceed the maximum capacity. 

4.2 Touring & Camping
You must pitch by the number allocated on your booking. Pitches cannot change without prior permission from reception. 

  • Non-electric pitches must be pitched at least 10 metres from any electric pitch. 
  • Pitch sizes vary between 8m and 10m. If you exceed the allocated pitch area/ encroach onto other pitches you may be asked to move.
  • Gazebos are permitted, but must not exceed your allocated pitch. 
  • Electric hook-ups: the supply is 240v, 10amps (approx. 2kw. Connectors must comply with British safety standards)
  • You must supply your own electric cable to connect to our main supply. 
  • We do not accept responsibility for any damage or incident arising from the use of unsuitable electrical equipment or over-loading (over 2 amp/ 2kw). 
  • We do not permit the charging of electric bikes or vehicles. The electric hook-ups are purely for touring and camping purposes only.

Whilst at Shear Barn 

5.1 Arrival

Site-access is permitted from 1pm until 10pm for guests staying on the touring field, or from 4pm for guests staying in our units.

5.2 Vehicles

Tent pitches are permitted a maximum of two vehicles per pitch (2nd vehicle is charged at £5 extra). Touring pitches are only permitted one vehicle per pitch/ unit. Other vehicles must be parked in alternative parking areas nearby. We have the right to refuse entry to the Shear Barn car park. Choosing to bring your vehicle on site, is done so at your own risk. Goods left in your vehicle are done so at your own risk. Shear Barn does not permit twin axle or commercial vehicles on-site. Shear Barn has the right to refuse these types of vehicles even if you have a reservation. 

5.3 Behaviour at Shear Barn

To ensure maximum enjoyment whilst at Shear Barn you must comply with this agreement and any notices on site. 

You are responsible for the behaviour of all members of your party. All visitors and customers to Shear Barn should be in keeping with the family environment; excessively noisy or disruptive behaviour is not acceptable, especially during the parks quiet period (11pm-7am). Offensive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. We have the right to ask any guest to leave, the police may be involved in extreme circumstances. No refund or compensation is given in these circumstances, we reserve the right to refuse any future bookings from any member of the party. 

5.4 Children protection

Children should always be supervised. You are responsible for any minors in your party. 

5.5 Security & your property

Your personal belongings are solely your responsibility during your stay with us. We accept no liability for any accidents, loss, or damage to your property.

5.6 Environment

Shear Barn is committed to the preservation of the environment. Please ensure that ONLY toilet paper is flushed down toilets; other items such as baby wipes, sanitary products and nappies are likely to cause blockages, so are to be disposed of in the bins provided.

5.7 Internet facilities

Vfast Wi-Fi is available park wide at an additional charge. Access can only be permitted after signing up online and making relevant payment. 

5.8 Maintenance Works

Any necessary maintenance work that may be carried out during the season could result in temporary closure of facilities. 

5.9 Park Safety

  • No child under the age of 16 is permitted to enter the gates to the fishing reservoir 
  • Barbeques must be raised at least 10” from the ground. 
  • Cigarettes and barbeques must be disposed of responsibly. 
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • Open fires are prohibited
  • You must not attempt to enter any restricted or ‘closed’ areas 

5.10 Fishing

  • Guests must hold either a daily or yearly fishing license that is valid for the time wished to fish.
  • A list of fishing rules and regulations are in reception; these must be adhered to.
  • Fishing can take place from sunrise till sunset.
  • Pre-booking a swim is available up to the day before.
  • Any gate keys hired must be returned to reception immediately after use. 
  • Night fishing is not permitted.
  • The daily charge is £10 per person

5.11 Driving on site

Road signage and speed restrictions must be adhered to. There are several sleepers on-site to prevent speeding. 

5.12 Barriers

Both sites can only be accessed via a coded barrier system. Touring & Camping – A unique barrier code is issued upon arrival. This code allows access for one vehicle only (two maximum when booked and confirmed on tent pitch bookings.) This code must not be shared under any circumstances. If you share your code and allow other vehicles to access the site your code will be deactivated. 

Lodges/units – Keys are provided for accommodation on arrival. The fob attached to the keys will allow access through the first barrier on the main site. Guests are also provided with the second barrier code upon arrival. This code must not be shared.

5.13 Legislation & licensed premises

We have the right to refuse service to anyone that fails to provide a valid ID (proof of age). We are not permitted to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 or that we suspect to be heavily under the influence of alcohol. 

5.14 Smoking

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes are prohibited inside all the park’s facilities and accommodation. Smoking is only permitted on balconies and outside areas. Exterior ashtrays are available for lodges upon request. 

5.15 Wildlife

Due to our site being situated amongst Hastings Country Park it is likely for you to come across woodland creatures. We ask you to respect their natural environment and inform you that we cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by woodland creatures i.e. badgers, rats, foxes, and seagulls. 

All food waste must be disposed of appropriately. Touring and camping – any fresh produce must be sealed, stored and locked away in your tent/tourer. 

5.16 Dogs

All dogs brought onto site must have a current annual vaccination for distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus. Dogs must be kept on a lead and cannot be left unsupervised; they must not pose a threat or nuisance to other holidaymakers.  Dogs (except for guide dogs) are not permitted inside the swimming pool, The Retreat bar and restaurant or our holiday units (unless otherwise specified). Dogs are permitted in The House bar. 

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog or may face fines of up to £50. Failure to comply with the rules may result in you having to leave. 

5.17 Prohibited items

No knives, air weapons, archery equipment, firearms, imitation firearms, sparklers, illegal substances, or items are permitted on-site. 

5.18 Photography

Still, digital and video photography is not permitted in any bathroom or toilet facilities, or in our pool area. You are only permitted to photograph members of your own party and in an appropriate manner. 

Photography for commercial purposes cannot be carried out. We often take photos during events for promotional purposes and upload these to the company’s social media. If you do not wish to be included in the material captured, please notify us. 

5.19 Swimming Pool

  • Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over
  • During busy periods, swims will be limited to hourly sessions
  • Photography is prohibited in the pool and changing Rooms

Individuals or groups not abiding by the rules will be asked to leave and may be refused further entry. 

5.20 Departure

All lodges and caravans must be vacated by 10am. All touring and camping pitches must be departed by 12 Midday on the day of departure. You are not permitted to stay additional nights without payment being made at the time of extension. 

6.1 Unable to attend holiday

If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from taking your holiday, please notify us. Where possible we will assist you in moving your holiday forward to a more suitable date. Please note that prices differ throughout the season, so in the case we can move the booking additional charges may be incurred. If a new date is chosen in a lower season, we are unable to refund the difference if payment has already been made. 

6.2 Admin Fees

Booking amendments including change of dates will incur an admin fee. Touring bookings incur a £5 admin fee per date amendment. Lodge bookings incur a £20 admin fee per date amendment. 

6.3 Cancellation by you

You have the right to cancel your booking at any time, however we do not offer refunds for monies paid. 

6.4 Cancellation and changes made by us

We have the right to refuse or cancel any bookings made before or after arrival. In this instance we will refund any booking fees paid. No compensation will be issued. 

6.5 Refunds

Refunds will be issued via original payment method. Payments made via cheque will be refunded via BACS payment. 

New Vfast WIFI

The WIFI has been upgraded park wide. Fast, reliable wireless internet access is now available at a cost.

Simply follow the step-by step connection process when you arrive onsite to stay connected with VFAST WIFI.

The prices and duration are as follows:
24 hours = £6
3 Days = £10
4 Days = £12
1 Week = £15
2 Weeks = £25

Each voucher purchased allows up to 4 devices to connect. If you experience any difficulties with

purchasing your voucher, please call Vfast support team on 03303 249 811.